About Wei Wisdom

I'm Lisa Reinhardt, and founded Wei Wisdom to offer one-on-one meditation consultations for those who are curious about how meditation might be helpful to them, or for those who are already meditating, and wish to revitalize and fine-tune their practice.

Many of you know that 30 years ago I went to Asia, and I lived there for 11 years, studying & practicing meditation. It was a special time - many of the greatest meditation masters of the 20th century had escaped from Tibet, and were living in exile in the Himalayas.  

I was fortunate to immerse myself in that world and see firsthand the impact it makes when people spend a lifetime committed to meditation. The benefits are palpable - when you walk into a room, you can feel the difference. These are the joyful ones, the light-hearted ones; the kind, loving and yes, powerful ones. 

All the good qualities we aspire to (and sometimes feel are unattainable) are nourished & revealed by meditation.

I returned from Asia steeped in enthusiasm & commitment for this life-altering path, only to discover that it would take another 16 years before mindfulness became a thing.

In the meantime, I started an organic chocolate company to subversively teach meditation by enticing people to let the chocolate melt slowly in their mouths.

And then after many years thinking that I could not hope to help others until I had attained the awe-inspiring state of my teachers, I realized that actually, today is enough.

I have 30 years of being human + meditating, and so that is what I offer: insight into the experience of being human & meditating, and the compassion for self that can arise because of that endeavor.

If that sounds interesting to you, this is an invitation to explore, with a longtime practitioner, what this means for you in your life.

Contact me here to discuss your heart's desire. We can set up a time to chat, and if it feels like a fit, we'll go from there.

Or, feel free to reach out to me at lisa@weiwisdom.com so we can chat & find a good time for you.