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Sharing a meditation class in the mornings before work with our team has built a sense of interconnectedness and trust that permeates what we do throughout the day, and reinforces our mission as a company.

Kate VW.

Having meditation at work has been a game changer! Not only has it helped me focus throughout the day and problem solve with greater ease, it’s also been a fun team building experience with coworkers. Communication has been smoother, we stress less, and we work better as a team. So many wins! Incredibly grateful to have this experience in the workforce and highly recommend classes with Lisa for any company or event.

Rachel M.

As a generally hyperactive person, I have found deep relief from Lisa’s meditations in the morning before work. It truly is a practice that Lisa has taught in the sense of progress, NOT perfection, which is extremely refreshing. For me, I’ve found meditation is the answer to slowing down my life in a vital way, and Lisa is the teacher.

Lindsey F.